One of our most passionate brewers, Nick Koppers of Botany, Auckland, just took out the Silver Medal in the Asia Beer Awards in the International Pub Ale section for his Best Bitter. Nick brewed his ale in 7 days from one of our kits with extra Citra and Amarillo hops added and bottled it in his WW Counter-Pressure Bottler. Congratulations Nick, amazing job to beat all those full scale mega breweries with a beer brewed in a WilliamsWarn!

Last year Santiago Aon won Gold for his Pilsner. So we’re over the moon that the second homebrewer to ever win against the big global players in brewing history in a proper brewing competition is another WilliamsWarn Brewer! Once again, well done Nick. A proud moment for us to be able to hand you your award.

Nick Koppers, Auckland, NZ



Nick continues to brew a batch weekly and bottles them every Saturday religiously via our bottling device and gets onto the next batch.

Nick Koppers, Auckland, NZ


I got a WW Bench model and I am very happy indeed with it. I've got to say, I think it's a brilliant concept and a great piece of equipment. I've been pretty conservative so far, just working off the standard kits and basic method but at some point I will move on to more advanced brews. But right now the basic brews are going great for me. The thing that I think that has impressed me the most is how easy it is use. Not much effort at all, and (so far at least) it seems next to impossible to do anything wrong and spoil a brew. I would never have considered home brewing before I saw the WW BrewMaster Bench as I don't have the skill or patience, but the WW makes it so easy. Thanks from me and a great job to all at WW for coming up with such a fantastic innovation, and allowing non-brewing beer fans like me to brew their own at home so easily.


Tim Bennett, NZ  


Patrick was one of our beta testers and had never made beer before. He said he'd be happy to pay money in a pub for the first beer he made in his unit. His friends helped him drain the first brew in a very short period of time.

Patrick Collins, Auckland,NZ


We emailed Lance to check he was a happy customer:

"Thanks Ian,  Yes first brew done and all but drunk. Went very well and instructions very good but I am sure I won't need to refer to them once I have a couple more brews under my belt.

Hope all is going well with you filling the orders.  I haven't had anyone who has seen the machine anything less than wholly impressed"

Lance Beard, North Shore, NZ


We asked Tom how his first brew went.

"Smashing it thanks, drank the first brew on Friday, dropped the second brew on Sunday, all is well thanks".

Tom Gilbert, Wellington, NZ


Dave emailed us:

"Hi Ian. Have finished the first brew and it has turned out awesome. Everything worked out very well and the wife certainly likes it. Looking forward to starting a Irish Red"

Dave Nuku, Palmerston North, NZ


The boys at Furnware haven't stopped brewing and ordering extract from us since they got their brewery. They look like a thirsty bunch.

Furnware, Hawkes Bay, NZ


If a company brews a batch a week, bottles it and consumes the bottles on a Friday night at work (5.5 dozen 330ml bottles) as the next batch brews, in New Zealand at least the payback is 1.5 years on the  brewery. After that time the company is saving $4000 per year in beer costs. It actually makes financial sense for any medium sized company that has a decent beer bill each year to have one or more WilliamsWarns.

Shop HQ Ltd, Auckland, NZ


Ian emailed us: 

"well the first brew is out. it pours very well, tastes fantastic. Thanks for the fantastic machine and continue on with the fantastic work you guys are doing making brewing more accesable to the masses".

Ian Kerry, Coromandel, NZ


The Farmers Arms Brewery

Alistair Renton, Hawkes Bay, NZ


Peter texted us with:

"You’re a genius. First glass today, tastes great, its cold and crystal clear, Thx"

Peter Burridge, Christchurch, NZ


The lads from Healthpac wanted a brewery for Friday night drinks and are chewing through the brews and loving their unit. The latest was a Dutch Pilsner with 50g of Motueka hops added and they called in to let us know that is was "unbelievably fabulous".

Healthpac, Penrose, NZ


Paul emailed us with a classic quote 

"2 years in the waiting

7 days in the making

4 hours in the drinking"

Another happy customer

Paul Clarkin, Auckland, NZ


Gav posted on our Facebook page

"Gen 2 machine is fantastic. It's an artwork as much as it is a brewery with fantastic engineering and design.  The beer is as promised and just gazing at the machine with a beer in hand is better than watching TV.  Well done guys.

Gav Kennedy, Auckland, NZ 




Mike is an ex-pat Brit (Blackburn Rovers supporter!) and has been brewing since February. He's made Pilsners, Ciders, Ales and Ginger Beer. His video will be online soon. When I asked if he'd make a video testimonial he said "all good with me…if it can make all your hard work pay off and show the world what a fantastic invention this is then just say when :) "

He's lovin it!

Mike Currie, Auckland, NZ



“We had a room set aside as an office. It was a sad and dreary part of the house. The office got totally biffed on the arrival of the WilliamsWarn, and the new brewery area is now a happy one. Although I still wear my trainer wheels, my taste buds are now picking up on what has been removed when I drink commercial beer, so I spend a bit more time talking up my brewery to be the place to meet up on a Friday night - the beer is unanimously better!!!
Thank you guys for an absolutely fabulous gadget and awesome kits. Cheers!”

Peter Orchard, Wanganui, NZ


Grace emailed and said: “Photo of Dan and his new toy!  Up to brew no 6 – the premium lager version 3, with additional hops…. Found his preferred style, and enjoying the process.

So far, only 1 dozen beers purchased from retail, since we started brewing.  

That has made a great start to the 'payback', or ROI we worked out!  Excellent beer – no one has disliked any of them, and cannot get over the clarity, and flavour.  No one drinking it thinks it is home brew.”

Dan Sanderson and Grace Nattrass, Auckland, NZ



“I asked my wife Lucinda to take some photos on the weekend of me pouring a beer for a friendly neighbour.

My last beer was definitely the best I have made so far, made with WW Premium Lager plus 1 bittering hops and 2 aromatics. It was so good that I had 5.6L left to bottle 5 days after the first pour...”

Josh Denize, Nelson, NZ



"We are very much enjoying our brewery here at Most Excellent Holdings. We are on our 7th brew and they have all been very very very drinkable. Our in-house caffeinator (barista) Kane is now also our head brewer with a different member of staff normally stepping up each week to put down their own brew and create their own label and back story. After work on Fridays the brews are normally consumed within an hour or two although we do try to get some into bottles to share with guests to our offices. We have been brewing mostly ales (7 days) to fit with the Friday drinking cycle as ripping in to the new brew is now something the team here relish (we have more females than males but the way).... as I said, we've not had a bad batch so congrats on making the brewery/process so reliable/idiot proof - I do believe you achieved the objective your uncle set you in spades! WELL DONE!"

phil&teds Most Excellent Buggy Company, Wellington, NZ



Here are some quotes from Saxon and Jenny’s testimonial video:

"There’s no homebrew taste. You could be at a bar drinking it, it’s that sort of quality beer.”

"We also bought the bottling device and it’s very good. Took some beers to a party to share and everyone was very impressed. The bottler unit is well worth it!”

Jenny said “Ladies, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a man so keen on doing the cleaning. I’m going to add in extra steps for cleaning the bathroom!”

Saxon and Jenny Marfell-Jones, Auckland, NZ


What's the definition of great mates?

Guys who pitch in and surprise you with a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery for your 50th Birthday!

Andrew Hunter, Auckland, NZ


 “Hi Ian, a picture of my setup and my son Hunter, heir to the WW0113. Pictured is a perfectly chilled and delicious Bavarian wheat beer that perhaps went through one too many clarifications as it is crystal clear! The machine has been producing nonstop since it arrived and I am slowly progressing from kits to dry hopping, to steeping specialty grains, and most recently a Belgian ale that included making candi sugar and also included a partial boil. Great fun and great beer!”

Michael Garden, Wellington, NZ



First WW in Korea! From Chin Ku Lee: "I'm a kind of a gourmet in terms of tasting beers. So I love to visit famous pubs around the world. But there is no need to do it anymore because I have the WilliamsWarn brewery machine, now. I've tried three recipes since I bought the machine a few months ago. From the beginning, it was more than I expected. I've invited lots of my friends to share the taste of the beer I made all by myself for the first time in my life. They all gave me two-thumbs-up. And already I have numbers of followers who want to taste my beer. I wish that I was able give a beer to everyone who wants a taste!  The commercial version of the machine coming out next year will be an exciting experience for me to let visitors and customers taste the great beer I made with the machine in my own pub which will open next year. I really appreciate WilliamsWarn machine and thank Mr. Williams, too.”

Chin Ku Lee, Korea


“I’ve not had any brewing experience before in my life & I can wholeheartedly say this is child’s-play, if I can do it anyone can! Whilst my experience with home brew is short, judging by the amount of “new friends” I’ve made I’m reckon I’m doing pretty well. The WilliamsWarn is for anyone who enjoys the refinement (& taste) of quality brewed beer, I’ve had it just over six months & wouldn’t it sell it for anything. I’ve recently started to hop a few brews including my first IPA, not bad considering 6 x months ago I was a “supermarket-slave”

I am the proud owner of WilliamsWarn number 83 & I can also boast that it was the first of the Gen2 models out the door – a collector’s item I’m sure.”

Brendon Baker, Auckland, NZ



“Enjoying my third brew. This one’s a nice dry cider. I am also loving being able to brew the great English style beers with extra Hops both bittering and aroma. Being from Kent in England with many brewery's around I have grown up on Real Ales and love the fact that I can once again get that great taste with the gas levels I like. While running a hostel we have staff and visitors from all around the world and I already have a long list of styles to make to keep all my friends happy.

Great Job Ian!”

From left Luke, Isabelle, Emily, Casey and Josh some of the YHA team.

Luke Tarplett, Franz Josef, West Coast, NZ


"Guys, the beer has been great since we received our WilliamsWarn. I've nailed the beer we like best and started experimenting with new brews. You know when it's good = all gone. Before too long, we should be able to enter a worthy contect."

Grant Syminton, Auckland, NZ 



“Life has not been the same since we became proud owners of our own brewery. It is great to be back drinking beer that has the missing ingredient lacking in so many commercial brews, FLAVOUR. This was brew no. 13. Your Irish red is definitely one of my favourites so far. Christine just loves the Old Ale from the previous brew. Having brewed basic kits I am now experimenting with extras and variations. As an engineer in a previous life I can appreciate the value and design that has gone in the making of these, to an outsider they may appear expensive, but they are worth every penny. Ours will be an integral part of our new kitchen (another job to squeeze in between brews). Thanks for a great Product!”

Steve Hart, Kaikohe, NZ



From his daughter: “Here is a pic of Mike O’Sullivan with friend Philip enjoying a glass of summer ale- his first brew.  The beer is great-tasting and it's a hit with the neighbours too!

Location - Waihi Beach garage”

Mike O'Sullian, Waihi Beach, NZ



“Our brewery arrived just before Easter and we decided that we would do the First Brew together as a team. We followed the instructions to the letter and Mary reread the steps through and I made the brew. We were eager to see how the process worked as I have made homebrew before and the result was not what we wanted.  It was just simply too hard to monitor the fermentation stage and keeping the temperature constant. We thought it was very good. We invited friends around to see what they thought and some with trepidation as they know what homebrew is like gave us their opinion.  First was the clarity second was the head when pouring and thirdly was the taste.  They thought it was as good as you get at the pub. I was really impressed with Ian, he was very informative and has given me the confidence to try adding hops to my next brew using the bobum coffee jug as in your manual. The old locals here love it and are so happy we have brought the property alive again as a meeting place to relax!! We love our “WILLIAMSWARN”, WE WILL CONTINUE TO SHOW IT OFF TO EVERY ONE!!!”

Rick and Mary Jospon, Oamaru, NZ



“The WW is an incredible piece if kit that makes you an instant brew master. My first brew was super simple to make and turned out a very decent ale. Have done several brews now and they just keep getting better.  I've been experimenting with boiling and adding hops and extra DME to craft some exceptional beers. The Dutch Pilsner with 100g of Pacific Jade hops boiled for 10 min and an extra 500g of DME is superb with a nice hoppy finish. I'm now drinking an American Pale Ale with extra Motueka hops and extra DME. So many options to create unique and personal brews. My friends, workmates and family can't believe its home brew. I'm in love with my WW! Cheers guys!”

Paul Fairbairn, Rangiora, NZ



“Hi Ian, we don't always dress for dinner but this was a special occasion, first brew, Summer Ale. What's left will get bottled tomorrow and then it's straight into a full grain mix as I endeavour to perfect my 'Marsden's Downfall' bitter. We didn't take any tasting notes from the Summer Ale but what was most noticeable was what it didn't taste of, home brew.”

Mark Hagerty, Kerikeri, NZ



Our neighbours Apex Ceilings Ltd just sent this through to us: "Hi Janita, we shout a lot of beers for our staff & contractors & with our WW we are saving around $100 per week. A couple of guys in the office have taken ownership & are now our master brewers producing some beautiful beers. We’re looking forward to entering some competitions later in the year - providing we can save a few bottles to enter."

Apex Ceilings Ltd, Auckland, NZ



Jim was the first person in Australia to receive the Gen 2 WW Personal Brewery! Jim says: “My wife, Linda and her friend proved that women can drive the WW, just by following the extensive instruction manual.  The pair of them have just finished making the Premium Lager with 1.5kg of WW DME and 50g of Rakau hop pellets as hop tea. They had no trouble making the hop tea as per instructions and they strained it through a brand new chux cloth. The W34/70 yeast went into a ½ filled sediment bottle with the water at about 21deg.C. The giggles were pretty intense, but they enjoyed doing something that they considered a man’s domain. They said driving the WW is easy for a woman, just stick to the concise manual. Cheers, Jim.”

Jim Cavanagh, South Australia



What’s the definition of the perfect wife? One that buys you a Personal Brewery for your birthday, while heavily pregnant with your first child!

"Everything about the WW brewery has been so easy, from initial set up to sterilisation and putting down the first brew and then on to pouring, bottling and clean-up anyone can do it. The supplied instructions are great and the beer that is produced is awesome! I've just fished bottling my first brew and I can't wait to get the next one in. Cheers!"

Tim Tietjens, Western Australia


"Hi Ian. The First Brew went really well. So easy to follow the instructions. This is going to be a great hobby going into my retirement years. Cheers Ian!"

John Powley, Auckland, NZ


“I had never really been interested in brewing my own beer and never thought I'd lay down my own brew until I was introduced to the WilliamsWarn. I was amazed at how quick, easy, clean and tidy the process was and actually found it fun checking in on its progress each day and not having to wait long till we could enjoy our first cold glass. Our Blonde Ale went down a treat, tastes just like a bought one (if I may say so myself) and was enjoyed by both the females and males in our office…a bit too much as we've finished our first 23 litres already. It's generated a lot of interest, having it on display in the office, and it's been a great talking point with clients and visitors. Looking forward to trying another one. Cheers, Jocelyn.”

Assignment Group, Auckland, NZ


“Ian, photo bottling Bohemian Pilsner.  As you can see, the brewery fits well into a busy garage, a perfect site for resurrecting my home brewing passion.  30 years ago, a bunch of us brewed out of two 44 gallon polyethylene lined drums in the lounge of our flat in Lower Hutt.   Things have moved on - it's great to finally substitute quantity for quality!”

David Sawtell, Auckland, NZ


The World's Northern-most WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery! It has just arrived in Stavanger, Norway 58.9633° N, 5.7189° E. Bjørn has his brew (Dutch Pilsner) underway.

Bjorn Myhre, Norway



Martin and Kent are two personal brewers in Hobart, Tasmania.  They were the second people to receive a Gen 2 WW in Australia and have had a ball brewing ever since.  After a two year journey of saving away small amounts of money, they were in a position to share a personal brewery.  Since receiving theirs, they are now onto their third brew, starting with the Premium Lager and then the Summer Ale.  "The beer being produced is really outstanding.  Not only are we now learning a lot more about the different beer styles and brewing techniques out there, the WilliamsWarn has given us a reason to catch up more on a social basis.  Can't wait for summer!  Ian and the gang have been outstanding in helping us along the way."

Martin Chambers and Kent Moore, Tasmania, Australia


“Fantastic, still tucking into my 1st brew. The missus loves it!” Good to hear. We get this kind of comment a lot. Women seem to really love WW beer!

Andrew Todhunter, Queensland, Australia


“Without a doubt, the best toy I have ever bought. Enjoying experimenting with different hops and malts and all 10 brews made so far have all been great. Makes the hobby of brewing all too easy, with consistent results each time. Used to brew many years ago, but this takes brewing to a different level. Love it!”

Neil Harris, Auckland, NZ


In the heart of a long forgotten jungle in the Southern Philippines is an ex-pat Brit by the name of Ricky N, who has a Gen1 WilliamsWarn Brewery he shipped into the forest a few years back.

This is his most recent communication to the outside world….. “Thought I would send you a photo of the Dry Stout. This was the first of the new range I got from you and this is by far the best I’ve tasted. So much flavour, right up my street and so easy to drink. I tried quite a few brews from Australia but this beats them all.”

Ricky Nash, Philippines



“I'm thoroughly enjoying my WilliamsWarn - my mate reckons it's the present of the year!! It’s cool rocking up to friends with a flagon of my own brew....with a yarn to tell.”

Trevor Shailer, Wellington, NZ




"Hi Ian, the brewery is all set up and working perfectly, wanted to drop you a note to say thank you, it is brilliant. From the moment I received the crates I was like a boy on Xmas day again, and the fun hasn't stopped since, the set up was easy thanks to the easy to follow instructions and the brewing process was simple and enjoyable. You have made home brewing cool, taking it out of the garden shed and making it an acceptable accessory to the modern home. My wife was anxious about having a personal brewery in the house but when she saw it she was pleasantly surprised and thinks it’s a great addition to the kitchen. I started the first brew almost immediately -and as it developed I was like an anxious father watching over all aspects monitoring progress and happily, it couldn't have gone smoother. The final product is a bloody good beer, cold, carbonated, crisp and delicious, a truly great tasting beer that amazes me as it is at least equal to the big commercial brewery beers. And the best thing, my wife and mates loves it. I'm already planning future brews, thinking about the various malt and hop combinations that I plan to add to your standard kits. Ian, I'm having a great time with it and want to thank you and the team for making brewing beer at home more accessible, more cool and for enabling us to produce beers of exceptional quality. The first pour, chuffed to bits. Best regards, Scott."

Scott Kirkham, Hong Kong


“We tried our first brew with a bunch of friends and customers, Belgian Ale, and it went down extremely well! Too well as we had nothing left to bottle.  We then bottled and of course sampled the American Pale Ale with extra Citra and Amarillo, it was a beauty.”

Tony Cox, Wellington, NZ


From the heart of London, Bob had this to say about his new WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery: "The Brew Manual was really well thought through, giving a good mix of brewing theory and practical advice, and I am very pleased with my first batch! Next step, dry hopping the results!"

Bob Vandersluis, London, UK



We now have a new record holder for the owner of the World's Northern-most WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. Sorry Bjorn in Norway, but Jarmo in Finland has just beaten you. Jarmo lives in Jyvaskyla which is about 300km north from Helsinki. 62°24'N and longitude 025°41'E. Here's what Jarmo had to say: “Here is a photo of me and my second brew in my personal brewery. So this is Northern-most brewery in the world...just next to Santa-Claus in Arctic Circle =)) My very first brew, the Summer Ale was great. Your brewing system is high-level equipment and I know there will be other customers from here for you soon. My second brew was the Premium Lager. Bottler works well.” Thanks Jarmo.

Jarmo Jarvela, Jyvaskyla, Finland


“Photo of family gathering to try the first brew, Summer Ale. Just bottled what remained of the brew, cleaned and sanitised the brewery ready for the Dutch Pilsner coming next! The family really loved it. I was happy about it but they were downright amazed! I tried out the bottler to get the rest of the brew out of the machine and now it’s clean and ready for the next attempt. After that I think I may try the mead experiment. Cheers, Marty.”

Martin Finkel, Kerikeri, NZ


Malcolm bought a WW Personal Brewery from Harvey Norman Wellington (Tory St). "This is me with my first brew, an American Pale Ale which lasted two days. New brew on, Belgian Ale, too easy to make and drink. Thanks, Malcolm."

Malcolm Long, Wellington, NZ


Here is another happy customer who bought a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery from Harvey Norman (Hastings) four weeks ago. "We've brewed four brews and the WW personal brewery has worked Primo. The instructions are so easy to follow and the beer is perfect each time! We live in the back blocks and we hunt our meat and grow our vegies so the WW brewery suits our lifestyle perfectly. Cheers and Cold Beers to the WW team. Joanne & Brian Gilbert Central Hunting.” Thanks Brian and Joanne. It’s great to see you’ve made four brews in four weeks, using the brewery to its maximum efficiency.

Brian Gilbert, Hastings, NZ


“Finally here is a photo of Joleen and myself. In case you are wondering, she is my brew assistant :-)

We have been quite busy but never too busy to stop brewing. As you can see, we have been busy bottling all our brews (none of which exist today). I have even been selling some at the wine bar and the results have been tremendous. I wish there was a 100L one ha. I sold an entire brew once, 58 12oz bottles in a few Hrs. On to my sixth brew now, which is the bohemian pilsner.

I started getting creative with really good results. I toasted local coconut once, boiled it then cooled it so I could skim the oil off then added the water to the English Brown Ale. I loved the results, maybe could have used a bit more coconut but the taste and mouth feel were very nice. This was a hit at the bar too as well. It seems I have become a commercial brewer :-).

The only complaint I have about the WW is that a week has now become a very long time! Andrew Williams.”

Andrew Williams, St Vincent, The Caribbean


“My brother Robert and I bottled our first brew today the Blonde Ale after just over a week. The only complaint we had was from my sister in law who sad it was too easy to drink.
Very happy with the outcome and yours and Sam's help over the week. We are stoked!”

Mitchell and Robert Cooper, Auckland, NZ


"First for Qatar and absolutely delighted. The WW micro-brewery (and I refuse use the term 'home-brew', as the WW is so much more than this) arrived safely and from the moment out of the box it promises hugely and makes you smile. Superbly designed and constructed, even down to the packaging, everything is right about it and demonstrates great Kiwi ingenuity - and that's before brewing any beer! Now on my fourth brew, I am happy to report that not only does the WW look the business, it also delivers on its promise and brews extraordinarily good beer. My only complaint so far would be so good is it, I find myself smashing through the beers, because I cant wait to start the next brew! "Fisehatak" (to your health) from Qatar."

John Toon, Qatar


"Hi Ian, I am just now onto my 4th brew - your American Pale Ale with a Willamette tasting hop addition. Because of how well thought out this brewery is, it allows me to experiment without all the mess and clean up associated with home brew. This way I can still run my businesses and hit the gym while still enjoying this great hobby. I display it in the corner of the family room overlooking the lake - the WW couldn't personify a better lifestyle for me. One thing I love with this personal brewery, is the lack of sediment when pouring a perfectly carbonated beer. My wife thinks it's amazing and is always sampling the brews with me and discussing what we might try next. My mates thought I was nuts buying this brewery... until they sat down and drank half a batch of Bohemian Pilsner with me on their visit over to the Gold Coast last month! Ian, not only is this machine well thought out, designed and built.. but for me, one of the things I am impressed with the most, is your dedication to after sales service. The fact that I can ask the designer of this machine questions and that he is a master brewer is fantastic. I really appreciate the time you take to answer me, as you do no doubt for many others. I wish you every success with your personal brewery business on a world scale; you deserve it. Cheers, Dean.”

Dean Cobussen, Gold Coast, Australia



Mark Beauchamp says "I went into Harvey Norman, tasted the beer and then brought one. Have made a few brews now and just loving it. I still can't believe how simple you guys have made it to brew beer and how good it tastes.  The Summer ale was great. Just bottled the Dutch Pilsner (Yummy yum yum ) and straight away put down the stout. I love the fact that you can sample a nice cold one from the same vessel that you are bottling from."

Mark Beauchamp, hastings, NZ



"No experience at making beer only consuming. I'm on my third brew from my WilliamsWarn, 100% success every time beers so good it's worth bottling so I do with my WilliamsWarn bottler. See everyone at Harvey Norman New Plymouth Thursday, these guys have been a great help thanks guys."

Kris Jensen, New Plymouth, NZ


Gary Grant (left) and brother in law Owen (right)."I got my first Blonde Ale off and it turned out great. I love the Brewery and so do many others. My second brew is the Irish Red and its excellent".

Gary Grant, Nova Scotia, Canada


Daniel’s mate Scott just tweeted a nice photo of a very shiny WilliamsWarn. “Puurdy puurdy @WilliamsWarn home brewery. Thanks for the endless supply of nectar last night Daniel.”

Scott Palmer, Wellington, NZ


"Four of us decided to get a beer syndicate together and get the WilliamsWarn machine.  We have been very impressed with the magic beer machine - ingredients go in, and good beer comes out!  The quality of the machine is second to none, the process is easy and Ian is always forthcoming with answers to questions.  I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in brewing their own beer."

Matt Peacey, Blenheim, NZ


Nick Koppers' 1 year anniversary: 52 brews in 52 weeks. "After waiting over twelve months for my WilliamsWarn personal brewery it arrived January 16th 2013. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to try the new Generation 2 model. No...w exactly twelve months later, January 25th 2014 and 52 consecutive brews later. Plus I sneaked in two extra brews using a quick fermenting yeast (thanks Ian).
That equates to one brew every week for a whole year and my WW #84 has not stopped since purchased. Each brew different from a chocolate porter to a silver medal award winning International Pub Ale. I am so impressed with my WW84 I have recommended it to many of my friends who have also entered the world of personal brewing thanks to WilliamsWarn.
Cheers. Nick Koppers WW0084."

Nick Koppers, Auckland, NZ


It's almost been 3 years since we launched our Gen 1 model and they are still going strong. From John Maltby: "I love my Gen 1. Two and a half years later I'm still drinking cold, clear perfectly carbonated beer (no surprise there). Thanks Ian."

John Maltby, Whangarei, NZ


A testimonial from one very happy son-in-law, Mario Kolle who lives in NSW, Australia:
"We love our WW and don't want to know life without it now. We love all the WW brews we have tried so far, they are by far a higher standard than other brews. We thank you so much for making it possible to brew such a high quality beer at home.  We truly cannot endorse and marvel enough at how amazing the Williamswarn is. Thank you." Mario Kolle

Mario Kolle, New South Wales, Australia


Richard Bolton from Sweden just emailed this to us: “I honestly love this machine, I remember when I saw it on popular science and I put myself on the waiting list as soon as it was possible. The funny thing was that there were quite a lot of negative comments from people thinking that it was taking the fun out of brewing but it really is so far from the truth. I'm a computer programmer by trade and the way that programming has changed in the last few years (stay with me now there is a point to this) is that they have taken away a lot of the things that causes problems so you can focus on what’s important, creating the end product and I see your machine in the same way. Anyone who doesn’t think that being able to make a perfect lager consistently in ten days is a complete idiot in my book. I wanted to keg the lager but it was so bloody good we drank it all. Kind regards, Richard.”

Richard Bolton,Stockholm, Sweden


“We are loving our WilliamsWarn guys. Best thing I ever brought, beer tastes great, simple & easy to use, best buy of the century... Congrats Ian Williams you’re a legend!!!!!”

Craig Venters, Lower Hutt, NZ


“As my wife would agree, my brewery is up there in terms of 'special things in my life'. Obviously my wife and daughter come first, but my brewery comes a pretty close 3rd/4th with our dog Bentley!!  So here's a photo of my daughter and pooch looking forward to seeing their old man taste his first "Dutch Pilsner"! Thanks mate, top quality beer from a rather impressive machine. Cheers, Clayton. ”

Clayton Stack, Hornby, NZ


All grain brewer Jason Garrett asked if he could bring his own fresh wort (made in a Speidel Braumeister) in and turn it into beer in 7 days in a WW Brewery. The result? An amazing American Amber Ale with various mouth-watering multi characteristics. Jason kegged half of it, but we insisted on keeping the rest. Mutual respect!

Jason Garrett, Auckland, NZ


A FABULOUS TESTIMONIAL FROM TONY PEEBLES, AN EXPERIENCED HOMEBREWER, NOW BREWING WITH A WILLIAMSWARN PERSONAL BREWERY. "My WilliamsWarn Story - About mid 2012 I discovered a new brewing appliance called the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. I did a bit of internet research, discussed my findings with a couple of friends and seriously considered investing in one. Due to other financial commitments, it never eventuated and I continued brewing using what I had. Then just prior to Christmas 2013 I walked into Harvey Norman Mt Wellington, only to discover that this same brewery was now available through this retail chain of stores. For the first time I had the opportunity to taste a crisp clean lager straight out of the WW brewery and wow, I was impressed. I was given a full run down on the workings of the machine and of course I was ready to take one home. After taking my experience home and sharing it with my wife (the sales pitch) I was back to the same store the following day. ‘Sign me up, I want one please’. It was delivered just in time for me to put down my first beer and be pouring it for Christmas. I’ve been brewing home brew beer now for a number of years and like many hobbyist, methods and results generally improve with time. Although I’m far from being a master brewer I’ve got to a point that I’m understanding what works, what doesn’t and what ingredients compliments another. My new, simple to use WW brewery has taken my brewing results to the next level. I’ve had friends tell me that my beer no longer tastes like home brew and I must say, they are right. To say that I am impressed is an understatement. Thanks to the WilliamsWarn team for introducing me to my new brewery and all the support you have provided along the way. My home made beer will never be the same again! Cheers, Tony."

Tony Peebles, Auckland, NZ


From Macquarie Private Wealth NZ who have a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery in their office in Wellington and are getting serious with their beer bottle labelling…..
“Thought you guys would like to see a photo of the Macquarie Fridge. We are having a party tonight to showcase some of our beers.”

Macquarie Private Wealth NZ, Wellington, NZ


“Hi Ian, I wanted to give you an update. My first beer is complete and delicious. I am very picky about my beer and I have to say this beer and your system are above and beyond my expectations. I even used the bottler with ease today. Everything just works! That's a nice thing to make a purchase and have it do exactly what it is supposed to do.
I also want to thank you and your team for the personal service I have received. You all have been a pleasure to work with and I feel you have been an invaluable resource. I look forward to keeping in touch. Brian.”

Brian Cunningham, Pennsylvania, USA


"WilliamsWarn unit #250, (a.k.a. "Trixie,") has been busy since she arrived in the USA! She’s using a 5-lb (2.27kg) CO2 cylinder because it's easier to lift and take for filling and I also have a spare so she will never be caught empty. First batch was the Summer Ale, with a Galaxy hop tea added. The set-up and brewing directions were clear, and the process went smoothly. I put the pages of the manual in sheet protectors (A4 size) to keep them safe from splashes. It's awesome not to have to rack or carbonate my beer. But the best thing: I am so amped to be able to control the temperature! With that one variable under control, I can now make true lagers and focus on tinkering with my recipes, not worrying if temperature shifts are going to make a good recipe into bad beer. I can still “perv” through the viewing window, fiddle with settings and dry hopping and be involved in the process, without the mess of traditional homebrew methods.
That first batch is gone and batch #2 is an American Pale Ale with a Citra hop bomb, dry-hopped a la The Lazy Brewer:
Next comes a bourbon barrel porter and cider.  Ha! I can't wait! Thanks Ian, et al., I've been grinning a lot lately! To my American brew brothers and sisters – JOIN ME!! You've got to get in on this. It’s all the fun parts of brewing and none of the drudgery.  And the beer is KILLER! What more could you want?"

Amy Bennett, Ohio, USA


"I'm very proud to be the second person in the USA to brew with a WilliamsWarn! I waited nearly a year for a chance to get one and I can say it was well worth the wait. The photos and videos of the machine gave me an idea of the design and build quality but I was even more impressed once started using it. Very sturdy and well built, and with an impressive design inside and out. I brewed a very tasty and crystal clear American pale ale in a week, and it was easy. I've spent much more time and effort in the past on beers that didn't turn out nearly as good. The customer service I've received has been outstanding as well.  I know there are hundreds of other customers but I've been made to feel like I'm the only one.”

Mike Shaw, Virginia, USA


This photo from the team at HB Tech was too good not to repost. "We all love Thursday night WW beers here @ Good to see the word is spreading." Check out their crystal clear beer!

HB Tech, Hawkes Bay, NZ


"I love my new magic machine you put water in one end and BEER comes out the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dave Palmer, Christchurch, NZ


“I finally got my boys together again.  Brewery is doing fantastic. There is no risk of the beer getting old. Between these guys, family friends and co-workers, it's unlikely the refrigerator will ever get full. I just bottled a Premium Lager and started a Wheat. As I've come to expect, the lager came out perfect. Thanks again for the well-executed package. Cheers, Joe.”

Joe Martin, Oklahoma, USA


“We brewed the Summer Ale first. Shirley likes a mild beer and is very happy with it. I like a little stronger beer but have drank my fair share of this ale and have enjoyed every swallow. The process went exactly as described in your precise easy to understand directions. We bottled approximately ⅔ of the summer ale, no problems, and getting ready to brew your apple cider next. Everyone is very impressed with your machine and I have absolutely no regrets.
The best part is knowing that you people are available and portray a true concern to help if needed. Thanks, Lee and Shirley.”

Lee and Shirley Washburn, Wyoming, USA


Mark and Natalie are back home in Naramata, BC, Canada, after their 3 month trip to New Zealand and visits to fellow WW brewers... "We had an amazing time in NZ and truly enjoyed travelling around, visiting, tasting the different WW beers and sharing stories and recipes! We were really moved by the generosity and hospitality of the fellow brewers! We have made new friends aside from having learned a lot more about beer and brewing... Thank you WilliamsWarn and to all the Fellow WW Brewers we visited... Cheers!”

Mark and Natalie Humbke, British Columbia, Canada


“I had heard about a stainless home brew kit made in NZ for a couple of years when I saw the Williams Warn advertised on TV last October. It was love at first sight. I did my research and had a taste of the American Pale Ale with extra hops added. I had being trying a lot of IPAs and this was what I was after. I got the WW in December and have been brewing happily since and experimenting with different hop blends. Nowadays it is rare to buy something that exceeds your expectations, but the WW has done that - from the Design and build, to the easy to follow manual, the consistent quality of the beer, and excellent aftermarket service. Cheers!”

Dave Ryan, Auckland, NZ


“Hi Ian, I have finished my first brew, the Summer Ale.  I have been brewing for years now, from canned, no-boil kits to all grain recipes.  I can honestly say that nothing I have brewed matches the quality of this beer.  Mind you, I added no hops or specialty grains to it and it still makes my prior efforts look very amateur indeed.  I will take the lager with me to the wedding but I really better prepare myself to see a bunch of my other brews untouched! Great job guys, really!! Cheers, Steve.”

Steve Dalrymple, North Carolina, USA


“The beers have been going great. Now about to enjoy my first wheat beer after a day’s work. Fantastic. All the best, Brian Grierson.”

Brian Grierson, Auckland, NZ


“The first brew, Summer Ale, turned out really well. Even the wife (who doesn't drink beer) likes it!!  Some friends came round the other night and I asked them for honest feedback.  They said it was excellent and stayed on the beer all night despite the option of good wine and Champaign.  I don't think this first batch is going to last very long. Thinking of getting a keg so I can keg the cider (which is next).
Brilliant machine mate.  Going to have a play with your recipe spreadsheet today. My favourite beer I'd Theakston's Old Peculiar and I have an old recipe for it which I will play with using the spreadsheet.”

Ian Anderson, Singapore


"Pictured here are Mitch and I in Chicago, quaffing our latest batch of Warrior, an American Brown Ale, our 5th batch in a WilliamsWarn. A clone of Bert Grant’s Perfect Porter is ageing in the WW right behind us.
Needless to say the WW is the key piece of equipment for making consistent, commercial quality beer. No infections, no off flavours, just great beer. For anyone considering making this purchase, by all means, you should move forward without any reservations.  Our one and only problem is, we can drink a lot more beer than we can make.
Whether you use extract or do all grain for your wort, you transfer it to the WW and after as little as 7 days or a bit longer (depending on the style you’re creating) you get nothing but great beer."

Dan Arnswald, Chicago, USA


“Hello from the first Williams Warn owner in Alberta, Canada., I have used the WilliamsWarn unit twice to brew an amber and dark ale. Both batches came out excellent. The machine is indeed an amazing tool for brewing. I have previously brewed the usual home brewers way and always ended with mixed results. This unit produces excellent beer with really minimal attention. The ability to craft a great brew is made possible by this unit. The bottler is also a must and beats any others around hands down. Thanks for a great product and your personal time devoted to developing the machine.
Regards, Darrel Hurtak.”

Darrel Hurtak, Alberta, Canada


Another MEDAL for WilliamsWarn! Christian Anderson has won the big prize at The Great Kiwi Beer Festival by winning with his "Bohemian Rhapsody". He will now have 600 litres of his winning brew made by The Twisted Hop Woolston and that will be sold around Christchurch. He'll also have 1000 litres brewed for next years GKBF. Good on ya mate. He used our Bohemian Pilsner kit and dry hopped with some NZ hops (which is a secret, all you guys who are entering the WilliamsWarn Beer Awards at the moment  ). It looks like The Twisted Hop will need to buy 70 brew kits off us now to make the 1600 litres of beer. Excellent. It was only Christian's 5th brew EVER, so there will have been some experienced home brewers who were really pissed off! Congrats Christian.

Christian Anderson, Christchurch, NZ


First Canadian Corporate Customer hyperWALLET rolls out first batch for Friday drinks!
“First brew - American Pale Ale. Big hit with the crew. 1 hour later, all gone so have to start next week’s brew tomorrow."

hyperWALLET Systems, Jonathan Kutner, Vancouver, Canada


Derek and Ray, from the northern beaches of Sydney, have recently purchased your Generation 2 Personal Brewery and we are very impressed. "The quality of the brewery is outstanding and the end result (the beer) is fantastic! Our very first brew (neither of us had brewed before) was acclaimed a great success by our admiring (and jealous) friends. Courtesy of the excellent user manual with clear step by step instructions, we were able to undertake the final assembly, get the system operating and make our first brew in just 7 days. For anyone who has an interest in making their own superior beer (or ciders etc) this product is brilliant and the after sales support from WilliamsWarn is equally impressive."

Ray Carless, Sydney, Australia


“The new WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is awesome! I’ll bottle some samples of "Nick’s Silver Medal American Pale Ale" tomorrow.”

Bill ‘Frosty’ Frost, Massachusets, USA


"Our first beer. Everything is exactly as advertised. Quick, easy and delicious beer! Thanks Guys!"

Stuart Moore, California, USA


“To The Entire Williamswarn Family: I'm on my 7th brew and they just keep getting better each time.  The first brew was like gold, and it instantly won the hearts and taste buds of many people in our very special community.  I can't say much more than thank you to the entire WW family who has helped make these "Works of Art" such a success. And to think my wife wanted me to "hide" my machine, it's clearly not hidden and is always the first thing our guests want to gaze at, and of course sample the brew. Cheers to all the great WW brewers out there in the world!! Probably the first American to join the WW family, just not in the US."

"CG" in an unknown location!


“Hi Ian, just wanted to say – having gotten home after some time away – that I'm loving the WilliamsWarn machine, and really starting to get to grips with things.  We have put perhaps 10 brews through the machine so far, and the whole process is so straight forward and simple.  The beers that come out have been great, and I've already picked a couple of favourites – I like it hoppy so the APA is a favourite, and I reckon the Bohemian Pilsner is pretty nice also.  I have steeped some additional hops for a batch of APA and that came out pretty nice, a bit hoppier, but still not up to where I want it!  More hops!  I am just about to bottle an American Amber which I possibly went a little overboard on the hopping, but the taste test tonight will confirm that!
Next up I'm planning on using your advanced recipes templates to create a really hoppy and flavor-some APA.  Do you have a suggestion on which grain to add a bit of to an APA?  The excel spreadsheet is great, and as I have a pretty strong grip on excel it is very easy to use, meaning by tweaking the ingredients you can see exactly what each does to your final stats..  I love it – well done!  I can't see any way of making it much simpler, as it stands it is straight forward to enter the ingredients and their accompanying stats.
When I have produced and tasted the next APA brew I will post what I did to the forum.  I joined that today also, and I reckon this will grow into a really useful group of likeminded brewers.  I found the post about Ginger Beer, and have already ordered a GB kit from a brew supplier, so will let you know how I get on with that also.  The beauty of the forum is that we as WilliamsWarn owners are all using the same 'hardware', so the tweaking, hopping, steeping of grains, mix of ingredients, etc is the difference, and it is these things we can spend time discussing rather than arguing about which bit of kit does what best!
All in all, thanks very much to you and the WW team – keep up the good work! Brent.”

Brent Stephenson, Napier, NZ


“Ian, here is my 6th brew. I have to say it gets easier each time. This is an Irish Red with extra grains and some Citra hops for flavor and aroma. It is a clear clean crisp brew, better I think, than the big breweries.  You and the brew crew are a great support team. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you have done.  Alan Luther.”

Alan Luther, Olympia, Washington, USA


"Hi Ian, so I've had the WW in my possession for a couple of months now. I love the machine and I've really been enjoying the process of brewing. I found it straightforward to get started. It is one really nice looking piece of kit and I was surprised just how good it looked in the flesh. The detailing that has gone into it, such as the inscribed WW logos on the draft tap and clarification pot lid just add a level of quality and you can tell that the machine has not been made to be as cheap as possible to manufacture. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it exceeded my expectations in build quality. The instruction manual is absolutely brilliant and so far I've managed to answer every question I've had by looking through it, it's a nicetouch to have something so detailed to work through while brewing. I started out with the Premium Lager kit and this fermented exactly how it was described in the manual. By the time it was ready, I couldn't wait to taste the final product but I'm happy to report that I really enjoyed this kit. It had a nice clean refreshing taste and everyone else who tried it agreed. A neighbour who had tried my homebrew before (traditional buckets, funnels, siphons etc) vowed never to drink my beer again but he was happy to have a few glasses of the lager produced in the WW. I also did a blind taste test in the office where I brought in some lager I'd brewed the old fashioned way and put it up against my WW lager. Again everyone was able to pick out exactly which one was made in the WW as it had a much cleaner, fresher taste and carbonation was much better. The 23ltrs didn't last long and my Step Dad and I polished it off. I used the bottling device to bottle up some lager and transport it to the office. Again this is a solid piece of kit and was a breeze to use, waaaaayyy easier than trying to use a syphon to fill bottles! Second brew is now being consumed, this time I did the American Pale Ale and added 50gms of Centennial hops using the coffee press. Again I'm really enjoying the flavour of this beer and the few people who have tried it so far have really enjoyed it. Will do another few standard brews until I nail the process a bit more then may move onto more advanced recipes but in the meantime I'm having a lot of fun and am 100% delighted that I purchased the WW. Thanks for all of your help. The whole process was smooth even given the distance between us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the WW to anyone who is on the fence. Cheers, Barry.”

Barry Petrie, Angus, Scotland


“I love my WilliamsWarn! I love exploring new flavours and I love sharing them with my mates. I love the excitement of a brew nearing the end of a cycle. Especially timing a brew to finish on a Friday night.  I'm saving heaps of money, drinking amazing beer and having heaps of fun. 
My wife Jen sees the enjoyment I get out of it and it’s a tribute to engineering style. Thanks WilliamsWarn!"

Hamish Evans, Christchurch, NZ


"The brewery is a revelation.  A perfectly designed machine that does exactly what it is supposed to do.  The beer tastes so good both bottled and from the tap it is now very difficult to be satisfied by the more commercially available bottled beer.  Getting well into the advanced brewing now and satisfaction continues to grow.  The quality of taste impresses and often amazes friends.  Looks great in the kitchen too." The photo is of Pat and Tomas (part owners).

Mike Ellett, Wellington, NZ


“Just thought you would like to know that the first brew (Summer Ale) has come out very well indeed. I had very few problems getting to the final pouring stage thanks to the well documented manual. The brew poured really well and tastes just fine so thanks for your help over the last few days.
I have attached a picture of me and my son Tom enjoying the first beer. As you can see it’s set up in our shed so the background isn’t too flash. Cheers, Ian and Tom Walls.”

Ian and Tom Walls, Lower Hutt, NZ


After leaving NZ and my half share of a WilliamsWarn brewery (‘Karaka Bridge Brewery’) behind I was delighted to be contacted by Ian and the team with the great news I could buy one from Harvey Norman Auburn on Paramatta Rd. I was really looked after by John Hollings at Harvey Normans and have had awesome service from the team at WilliamsWarn ever since. I am on to 5th brew and the beer tastes great. I would recommend anyone who loves beer to buy one. Cheers from Karaka Bridge Brewery, Cherrybrook, New South Wales. Robert.”

Robert Cooper, Sydney, Australia


“I'm hooked big time. I have developed a true interest in the art of brewing, not just for consumption but in the complete process. It has become a real hobby. I now try all different types of beers. I have never had a brewing failure, I’m onto my 13th brew and I cannot keep up with demand. It was very gratifying when family and friends were impressed with the results, even my die hard long term home brewers. I used to be just a consumer of beer but the WW has allowed me to become a true craft producer. Very pleased with the purchase.”

Kym Briggs, Pasadena, South Australia


A proud Andrew in Brisbane, Australia with his first brew. Well done mate. It's always a thrill to see a new WW Brewer with a beer in hand and a smile. We're as proud as you are. The first of many great beers to be brewed. “#427 with proud daddy!”

Andrew Eden, Brisbane, Australia


“I purchased my personal brewery at Harvey Norman Lower Hutt.
I’m the proud owner of one of your brilliant brewery's and I'm looking forward to many years of awesome beers, I love what you do and obviously I’ve spent thousands of dollars to be able to enjoy the benefits of your creation. I’ve attached a photo of my brewery in my bar – cool aye!!”

Dean Burt, Lower Hutt, NZ


“Since having to choose between either a micro pig or micro-brewery for my 50th birthday, I can honestly say that I'm delighted with my decision.
It does exactly what it says on the website, unbelievable! My WW Brewery is now installed in a purpose built heated garden shed along with a four tap Corni keg keezer. If any WW owners are over in London feel free to get in touch.”

James Della-Porta, London, UK


The "Brown Bomber Ale" recipe in the Advanced Recipes under American Brown Ales worked out exactly as advertised. The Amber Ale kit as a base, with some extra dry malt extract, steeped chocolate malt, Chinook and Crystal hops. The flavour description in the recipe is spot on so well done WilliamsWarn. Our friend Jake loves it too! "

From a WW brewer in Auckland, NZ


“Our first brew went completely perfectly. The beer is fantastic - just as good as if we had bought it in the Hop Garden! Thanks for creating such an amazing system!”

Nic Gibbens (Paper Kite NZ Ltd), Wellington, NZ


“Stokesy and the Boys at Piha Beach brewing their first brew” 

Bob Stokes, Piha, NZ


“Our first brew and a beauty , we all on board now learning how to be a master brewery. It's been great asset for our social club. Cheers, Greg Parr”

Greg Parr, Auckland, NZ


“Welcome to our version of clean living – freshest beer you have ever tasted and a kiwi first as well! It truly takes brewing beer to the next level, is fun, easy and helps you amass more friends than you ever thought you had. But seriously, if you enjoy your beer and have had trouble brewing the perfect drop in the past then try the WilliamsWarn brewery, you won’t be disappointed."

Guy Malyon and Aaron Hanson, Auckland, NZ


“Here I am with my WilliamsWarn Gen2 beer machine. In 7 days I get fresh beer. I’m a happy man from Norway.”

Ørjan Jacoby‎, Norway


"We're the “Westie” brothers Tony and Martin enjoying our 4th brew from our WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. It's a Premium Lager with added hops and grains. Totally worth the little extra effort. We did the number crunching with an interest free deal through Harvey Norman and it was a no brainer! Our next brew will be the Apple Cider, perfect for the hot days. My wife also loves the Premium Lager and is already hooked. Cheers to WilliamsWarn for a great beer machine. We look forward to many years of happy brewing"

Tony and Martin Gilich, Auckland, NZ


“Hi WilliamsWarn, our first brew was so good that it was gone before we knew it. The brewery is an awesome setup and we're very excited to be brewing our own beer. This was the American Ale and we have put down a Premium Lager this week. Cheers guys. Nigel.”

Nigel Skeggs (Denarau Brew Club), Fiji


“Three of us purchased a WilliamsWarn BrewMaster together. We made a Blonde Ale as our first brew and had an opening ceremony the first night it was ready. It was awesome and everybody loved it. Cheers all”.

Lance Hamilton, Napier, NZ


“Thanks for building such a cool product. We really enjoyed the American Pale Ale. It sure is a lot different than brewing in my kitchen with a couple of glass carboys and a plastic bottling bucket. The next batch is going well and the smells coming out of the VPRV are glorious after just 36 hours of fermentation. Cheers.”

Michael Pavarati, Singapore


“I've now done about 10 beers and 1 cider. I’m currently drinking the Bohemian Pilsner with an extra 25 grams of Amarillo hops added and I’m very impressed. I also really enjoyed your Irish Red Ale. After a few brews it becomes very easy. I had to keep checking instructions for first few but away laughing now! Thanks for the brewery."

Vaughan Bosson, NZ


1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Lager category in his first beer competition! Bob Hopkins here used his WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery and Kits (plus various extra steeped hops) to make a Dutch Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner and Premium Lager that got the top three scores at a local brew comp for Lagers. "I'm telling everyone that will listen about this brewery. These were some of my first brews ever, all made in 9 days, and they're good enough to achieve this in blind taste tests with brewers as judges. It's an amazing machine". Congrats Bob. Good tweaking with those extra hops mate!

Bob Hopkins, Taupo, NZ


Congratulations to WilliamsWarn owner Mark Sutherland who won the top prize at The Great Kiwi Beer Festival in the Lager Category for his "Suds Pils". One of the beer judges wrote "This beer has been given passion & love". Exactly! The recipe was a WilliamsWarn Bohemian Pilsner kit with a hop tea of 25g Amarillo hops brewed and clarified in Mark's Brewery in 9 days as usual. Well done mate. We're as proud as you are.

Mark "Suds" Sutherland, Otago, NZ


"Just finished my first brew. Success! Beautiful ! Thank you so much for the wonderful support. Bronwyn my wife loves it too. We're addicted now. We are looking at doing a cider next and then different brews. We've definitely discovered a new hobby ha ha" Allan Murray, NZ.

Allan Murray, Hamilton, NZ


"Enjoying my 3rd brew in just over a month. After starting with a fairly respectable Blonde Ale I was keen to progress to a double IPA, playing around with various hops and grains. Great fun. The latest batch I've enjoyed taking it to the next level to get a great "stout pour". I've been so impressed by Ian and his team giving heaps of helpful advice, along with other keen brewers. I really didn't believe it could be so simple to start playing with extra ingredients to unleash the craft brewer within. Many thanks!"

Ian Cathro, Auckland, NZ


"I finally bought a WW and just put down my first brew - Summer Ale! Excited is an understatement. Thanks for making such a wonderful product; I know it will give me years of enjoyment. Cheers, Mike Wade-French."

Mike Wade-French, Auckland, NZ


“We purchased a Williams Warn personal brewery primarily for our company’s Friday afternoon drinks. We decided to make brewing a bit of a team building competitive exercise. We formed 4 teams of motivated brewers or those with no knowledge but the desire to learn, with the view to turn brewing our Friday drinks into a bit of a competition. Each team has been responsible for their own brew, start to finish and is unofficially judged by those who drink it on the Friday. We have had a myriad of different brewing techniques through the Williams Warn, having used almost every Williams Warn kit available and employed techniques ranging from the standard no-frills beers made from the beer kit and malt combination, to some quite unique brews where we have utilised some complex brewing techniques such as doing boils, early and late hop additions, the use of milled malts etc. The beer has been fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed company wide.”

Webdrive, Auckland, NZ


Robert Covu in Israel has been doing well in local beer competitions using his WilliamsWarn BrewMaster. Translating from Hebrew, he's won a 1st place for his Belgian Strong Ale, a 2nd place for his English Brown and 3rd place with an Irish Red Ale. He's been using a mix of our basic extract kits and some advanced recipes. Congratulations Robert. בשעה טובה ומוצלחת

Robert Covu, Israel


"Thanks to my lovely wife for my belated Christmas present. This is my first brew, a Blonde Ale. Absolutely love the WilliamsWarn and can't wait to start on the 2nd brew. A big shout out to the wonderful staff that were ever so helpful. Cheers!"

Jonathan Ho, Campbell's Bay, Auckland


Graze Restaurant at Lake Hayes who create amazing food and great beers in their WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. From Hamish the owner: "I have had the WW machine for about 15 or so months now and have had lots of success. I encourage the passionate local lot to try my beer and give that Speights quart a rest for a moment. I have created beer for 40ths, Weddings and my own son's head wetting. We use the WW to allow customers to create or order their own beer for their own function for added ownership and point of difference. The beers have also ranged from a chocolate stout for winter, to a pale lager and the over hopped IPA. The WW is a seriously great machine and the ultimate in ‘must haves’ for any man cave, and certainly allows myself to put up a comparable product to the commercial craft breweries and have a lot of fun along the way". Cheers Hamish.

Graze Restaurant, Lake Hayes, NZ


“Hi Ian, I have made over 20 brews, all the available brew kits as well as several of the recipes you have supplied and ginger beer. Brewing with the Williamswarn brewery could not be easier with the consistently good results. Tried commercially available kits many years ago with disappointing results and have shied away from home brewing until I saw your invention on tech toys 2000 and ordered one straight away. The brew quality is superb, the results are repeatable. The big trouble now is that my friends now come to my place more often, mainly to drink my beer with the comments that its better than what you buy at the pub. My neighbour is so impressed that he has given up his own brewing and now comes over and uses my brewery to make his beer. Cheers, Michael Hunter.”

Michael Hunter, Darwin, Australia


"We love our WilliamsWarn Bench, especially Mandy! The money that we have saved already is crazy! Everyone is coming around and drinking the beer, we can't keep them away. Thanks to the team at Harvey Norman Mt Barker for sorting us out."

Mandy Hopkins, Adelaide, Australia


"I've had my WilliamsWarn Freestanding for 6 months and it's given me pleasure every day. The brewery is a piece of art and sits comfortably in my kitchen. Whilst it looks great its strength is its ability to brew fantastic beer which is equal to anything in the bottle shop. I've made 8 brews so far. The process is simple and well explained in the comprehensive instructions supplied with the brewery. If you're thinking about making great beer, rather than just brewing, then get yourself a WilliamsWarn."

Dominic Mulligan, WA, Australia


"Mate it's all good, taste great, absolutely perfect. Thanks for all your help throughout the process and cheers to Harvey Norman Moore Park."

Jesse Mcintyre, NSW, Australia


"I wanted to let you know my first brew in the WilliamsWarn is ready and it's turned out amazing. Love it. I did the Dutch Pilsner which I chose because I wanted to cut my teeth on some standard brews. I like lots of flavour in my beers so now for some experimenting!
I've already got the next brew in which is a Porter and I've added some espresso coffee. We'll see how that works. Anyway thanks for your advice on the phone the other day. I'm really stoked with the machine. The build quality is first class."

Phil Elliot, Pukekohe, NZ


“To give you a little background, my wife was not that happy when I told her that I will be putting the WW in the lounge room, but once she saw it there has commented that it looks really smart. What a great machine you guys have made, I really enjoy making my brews & now have started experimenting with making some other beers that I found in a recipe book called - Brewing Crafts. In the next day or so I will put down a Belgium beer - Leffe Blonde. Thanks for all of your help, it’s nice to know that you can ring the manufacturer & speak to the owner. That says a lot about your company!”

John Roy, Christchurch, NZ


“My first Brewery is the best thing I ever brought, so a got another one!!! We are having so much fun with these great machines and there is talk about getting a third one haha. Thank you for inventing the brewery, it’s awesome. 7 machines is our ultimate goal, one for every day!
The last brew we did was a Dutch Pilsner with 35g of motueka hops & 15g of cascade and it was awesome. Cheers, Craig.”

Craig Venters, Wellington, NZ


Congratulations to Jesus in Mexico who just won Gold at the Copa Cerveza for his Munich Helles Lager brewed in one of his WilliamsWarn Personal Breweries. We're often in contact with Jesus regarding recipe creation so we are really excited for him. He writes "I am so excited about this! This is the most important Craft Beer competition in México. I thought I had a chance because lager beers are more difficult to achieve a good result with and the WilliamsWarn has the temperature control you need but it feels so good to get the GOLD! I wanted to share this with you because I know you will be happy as well. I appreciate all your help and guidance when I have questions. At least now you can see it's worth it. Cheers from Mexico!" He shipped the first brewery from New Zealand to Mexico himself and liked it so much he bought a second one. Well done buddy. Keep on Brewin'.

Jesus Michel, Jalisco, Mexico


“Ian, It has been a while since we emailed or spoke and I can only attribute that to you and your wonderful team. We have produced 25 batches of perfect high quality beer since receiving our WW. Thank you for that. Experimenting with hops and partial mashes is an absolute breeze and blast. We have learned a lot about the biology and chemistry involved. Believe it or not I have lost weight since becoming a WW Brewer must be the low carbs. Cheers".

David and Sandra Kannenberg, Newfoundland, Canada


“I am already an ambassador for WilliamsWarn because of the great service and of course the product. Cheers, Colin.”

Colin Tozier, WA, Australia


“Here is a photo of 3 of our 14 Brew Club members. The Hataitai Brew Club Club 12 brews to date have been very successful, with all our club members having a go at brewing and then enjoying the quality beverages! Cheers."

Bligh Walker and the Hataitai Brew Club, Wellington, NZ


"We have put down our first brew – Pilsner, and had our first taste today. Came out well. I came across the brewery at HB Technologies at a business after 5 function a year ago and dropped a good few hints into Nick & Don Stewart at Stewart Group. It must have worked as 12 months later we are having our first tasting. Cheers, Glen Trillo.”

Stewart Group, Hawkes Bay, NZ


“Pictured enjoying my 3rd brew an Irish Red. Extremely happy with the results. Great flavor, perfectly carbonated beer every time. You know you must be creating great beer when your friends continually call at the end of each week wanting to taste your latest brew from the WW brewery. Thanks guys the WW brewery is fantastic. Cheers, Richard.”

Richard Coombe, Newcastle, Australia


“I use the WW for a lot of simple all grain recipes and to produce a nice easy extract beer and cider in a short amount of time. For big hoppy ales I use my grainfather and do a two stage in the conical with temperature control as I find it better for aroma hops. I don't usually use the ww for serving as I will normally keg what I make and use the kegerator. The main benefit of having the ww in my arsenal is that I can make a simple, great tasting brew that's ready to drink in 8 days. I have done over 20 brews in the WW since I purchased it mid-last year, and it's not very often that there's not something cooking.”

Symon Pierce, Christchurch, NZ


"We just wanted to express how much we're enjoying the WilliamsWarn brewery system. We're now enjoying our third brew, the Bohemian Pilsner.  This has been the first for which we've measured the SG and it's come in at a respectable 4.72% alcohol content. We started with the Summer Ale and then brewed the (quick turnaround) Apple Cider in time for our house-warming party.  We were impressed with the cider; as were many of our guests – it went down a storm, especially on a hot summer’s day - being served draft and chilled.  One guest even declared it the best cider she'd ever tasted! The instructions are well written and very comprehensive.  We're complete newbies to home-brewing.  We've made one or two minor errors along the way, but the WilliamsWarn has been very forgiving, and the results have been excellent.  Ian has also been very helpful responding to some of our questions personally. We bottled some of the Summer Ale using the bottler kit and I’ve been impressed with how well the brew keeps the carbonation and flavour after bottling. Next steps for us are to start experimenting with extra hops additions with some of the other brew-kits we've yet to try.  Can't wait :)."

Bruce and Chonie Lawrence, Auckland, NZ


Sean Dixon, the proprietor of Harvey Norman Preston in Melbourne, sending a Bench Brewery on its way to a new home in the Victorian bush (Barham).


"Brew number 100 in my BrewMaster. A Belgium Pale ale with 25gm each of Dr Rudi and Sticklebract steeped and added at the start. Turned out to just to my liking. As usual we have 1 or 2 days drinking draft before bottling and then brewing the next batch. In over 100 brews I have not have a failure but I have had a couple I did not like made from brew kits from a rival firm that were just too bitter. I have learned from my mistake and avoid these kits but I did drink them as penance.
Cheers Steve Hart" Kaikohe, NZ


Congratulations to Aaron Cotterill for winning a Gold Medal and the Best in Class Award for his American Pale Ale at the 2016 SOBA National Homebrew Competition (New Zealand). This is a hotly contested category. Aaron says "The was an all-grain recipe processed in my BrewMaster. I only use the BrewMaster to brew in as it's a fantastic weapon. I dry hop using the yeast sediment bottle under the vessel to really boost the richness of the beer. It's such a solid piece of kit that gives me consistent results, so I can really dial in flavour". Well done buddy.

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