1 Litre Clarification Agent
Used to clear cold beverages by reacting with both yeast and protein haze.


WilliamsWarn Brewery Detergent 250g
WilliamsWarn Brewery Detergent is a strong cleaning agent that will dissolve brewing residues off your equipment


WilliamsWarn Sanitising Agent 250g
WilliamsWarn Sanitising Agent is an ideal compound for destroying undesirable microbes after a cleaning step has already been performed.


Soda Stream Adapter
Screws onto the top of the Soda Stream bottle and then can be connected to a Standard or Micromatic regulator for a low cost gas solution. 


CO2 Bottle – Empty (4.5kg)
Brand new cylinders from the USA. Empty. Will hold 4.5kg of CO2.


CO2 Bottle – Full (4.5kg)
Brand new cylinders from the USA containing 4.5kg of CO2.


2 x 2m 1/4 inch O.D. Bottler Gas and Beer Lines Tubing
2 x 2 meters of food grade 1/4 inch outer diameter tubing to connect to the bottler or a keg for filling out of the brewery.


2m of 1/4
2m of 1/4" clear tubing to connect from the WilliamsWarn to the black keg filling fitting.


BrewKeg10™ Pressure Gauge
Connects onto the Gas Port on the BrewKeg10™ and reads the brewing pressure inside of the BrewKeg10™.


BrewKeg10™ Sundry Accessory Pack
All of the Sundry Accessories required to brew with a BrewKeg10™. Only one is required for multiple BrewKeg10™.


Non-scratch Sponge
Used when cleaning the brewery


3 Litre Plastic Jug
Used when cleaning the brewery


Wash Bottle
Used to rinse beer tap and tank cone valve


Used when adding ingredients


100ml Cylinder
Used with hydrometer and clarification agent


Used to measure specific gravities


6 1/4 Strainer
Strainer for boiled or steeped ingredients  


Drip Tray
Replacement drip tray for the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery.


Used to measure the water temperature when rehydrating the yeast. 


8cm Fine Mesh Tea Strainer
Used to strain the Clarification Agent into the clarification pot on the brewery.


Standard Regulator
To be used to regulate the gas pressure from a Co2 Cylinder or Soda Stream Bottle (adapter required).


Heating Belt
The Heating belt can be used to increase the temperature inside of the fermentation environment.


Temperature Controller
Works in conjunction with the heating belt and kegerator. A brewer can program the temperature controller to increase and decrease the temperature over time.