01 July, 2014

'World first' invention promises top beer in 7 days

Article release date: 08 April 2011



02 July, 2013

Upgrade to a Silver Medal at Asia Beer Awards 2013

Nick Koppers' Best Bitter entry in the Asia Beer Awards 2013 just got upgraded to a Silver Medal, from Bronze, after a recount. Once again, well done Nick. A proud moment for us to be able to hand you your award. What shall we brew next year?

WW wins again at Asia Beer Awards 2013

17 June, 2013

We've done it again. Santiago won a Gold Medal last year for his Pilsner brewed in a WW and now Nick Koppers has won a Bronze Medal for his Best Bitter in the International Pub Ale category. Nick brewed his ale in 7 days from one of our kits with extra Citra and Amarillo hops added and bottled it in his WW Counter-Pressure Bottler. We sent it off and last week the judges gave him 3rd place. So the second homebrewer to ever win against the mega breweries in brewing history in a proper brewing competition is another WilliamsWarn Brewer! Check out our Facebook page (click top right).

Gen2 WilliamsWarn launched

17 June, 2013

Since January we've been selling the Gen2 WilliamsWarn. Over 100 have been sold in 4 months to New Zealanders, Australians and Singaporeans, where we have distributors. We are about to offer the 220V version as ex-works sales (the buyer arranges shipping) to those on the Waiting List in countries with 220V and hope to be able to do the same with a 120V unit in the near future. So far the new Gen2 is working beautifully and we have a whole new set of happy customers.

Homebrewer Stuns Brewing World

18 June, 2012

Check out some press about our win at the Asian Beer Awards here... The photo is of our distributor in Singapore, Mr Ngata Tapsell, picking up the win.

Gold Medal at Asian Beer Awards

18 June, 2012

On June 8th we learnt that a WilliamsWarn Brewer, Mr Santiago Aon Ratto, won a Gold Medal at the Asian Beer Awards. He beat 45 of the worlds top breweries in the largest category, Pilsner. His NZ$5660 brewery beat a host of breweries worth on average at least NZ$75 million each. Santiago (on the right) and I (Ian Williams, on the left) made the recipe together but he brewed it in his mancave. It's brewing history because its the first time homebrew has been entered in a proper brewing awards and therefore the first time its beaten the big guys. Well done Santiago. It was Santiago's 3rd brew in his personal brewery.

First Aussie!

21 December, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Here is the first Aussie with one. The fabulous Andrew Jones. It arrived at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and he made his first beer in a flash. His email to us was:  

"Well first brew is done and dusted!! For a bloke who has never done homebrew before, this is a walk in the park. Had no dramas during the process and everything worked like a charm!" Cheers Andrew.



Aussies can buy through Winequip

21 December, 2011

Now that we’ve proved it in in NZ, we've picked Australia as our first port of call and we’re really happy to be working with Winequip in Melbourne as our distributer. They’re a great company and a perfect match for us.
“Australians love good beer and we have one of the world's staunchest homebrewing scenes so we see a huge opportunity for the WilliamsWarn not just in the home, but also in offices and workplaces around the country," says Andrew Watt, Director of Winequip. "We predict it won't be long before it's reasonably commonplace to see a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery in and around the mining towns of Western Australia and other remote outback locations where there are strong home brewing traditions."
Negotiations started after Winequip bought an initial test unit off the Auckland-based company in July this year.
"We saw immediate potential for the WilliamsWarn in Australia from the moment we tried the first batch," says Watt. "The beer is the same quality as what you’d buy in a bar, or better, and the WilliamsWarn gives the brewer freedom to customise their own brews to produce a unique drop they can proudly serve to friends, family, colleagues, and clients."
We are thrilled to be able to offer Aussies the first chances to get their hands of the WilliamsWarn before we expand into other parts of the world.


BNZ Virgin Business Challenge

21 December, 2011

A month ago WilliamsWarn entered in the BNZ Virgin Business Challenge. A challenge for New Zealand companies to win $100,000 in prize money, flights all over the world, access to the Virgin meeting rooms, mentoring by Virgin and BNZ executives and an exclusive mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson.
Pretty soon we heard we were selected to be one of ten businesses out of 264 that had made it into the final. This meant we would have to pitch to 5 judges in a Dragon's Den. We started a special BNZ Virgin Business Challenge brew straight away. Brewing a Blonde Ale with some Motueka hops.
The day before the pitch, in-between presentation preparation, we brought the machine over to the BNZ building. At 2pm Thursday we entered the Dragon's Den. Already some big companies had been in here before us. We presented as best we could in the 10 minutes allowed, served a beer, had 20 minutes of question time and that was that.
At the award dinner that night, we saw films of our competition. Some really awesome companies. Unfortunatly we didn't win... But you know how it works, there is one winner and nine seconds. We were really happy to be in the final ten, as the criteria was you had to have the potential to be a 50 million dollar company in 5 years. We'll get there yet! Check it out here


WilliamWarn's first Stout

14 October, 2011

Seven days after we started the brew, the very first Stout poured out of the tap. With super fresh liquorice, chocolate and dark roasted flavours it's a success! Don't think this one will last very long./IMG_1547.jpg

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