Blair Andrews

Blair Andrews

“Wow. I just made an amazing cider for my wife Jane in only 4 days, using my new WilliamsWarn BrewKeg10 brewery.

I used the standard WW Apple Cider kit, which is great on its own, but after liaising with WilliamsWarn, I experiment by adding to it a whole bottle of Barkers 48% Blackcurrant Fruit Syrup.

The result is OUTSTANDING! I am now very popular with my wife and that alone has justified my purchase. Jane is now a massive fan.

A nice cider, well balanced with a little sweetness and lots of fruit flavour. In the photo Jane has the cider and I have the Irish Red Ale which I brewed in the other BrewKeg10 and am serving on the other draft beer tap. We’re both sorted!

Three of my friends were so blown away they are all now purchasing the BrewKeg10 system for themselves. I am well impressed with this product.

Thanks WilliamsWarn”.

Blair Andrews

Note from WilliamsWarn: Adding a 710ml bottle of Barkers syrup adds the highest quality fruit flavour and also 340 grams of extra sugar, which increases the final alcohol of the kit from 4.10% to 5.70%. Just add the syrup after the apple cider kit has been added and before the top up with water. A 710ml bottle would normally make 5 litres of fruit juice, so in a BrewKeg10 is about half strength, so that level supports the apple cider flavour without being overpowering. You can use any of the Barkers Fruit Syrups with a WW Apple Cider kit in this way to make new and exciting fruit ciders for the family.