Jason Marinkovich and Joe Oliver

Jason Marinkovich and Joe Oliver

We are all-grain brewers but tried a WilliamsWarn extract to test the BrewKeg50. Less than 8 days after putting down an American Amber Ale (in 45 minutes!)

We cracked the keg and had our first pint watching the cricket ... DELICIOUS.

Given how easy and good this extract kit was, Joe and I have both been forced to keep saying "we will keep doing all-grain, we will keep doing all-grain !"

The BrewKeg50 was a dream to use and was very easy. I was blown away that we could create such a crisp, clean tasting and well carbonated beer in so short a space of time and out of extract too.

Our previous process was a 4.5 hour brew day, 2 weeks fermenting and maturing, 1 week carbonating. So it has turned a 3 week process into a 1 week one with all the benefits of fermenting in a closed pressure system. Beer not touching oxygen until it hits the glass is fantastic. Plus we can transfer to Corny kegs really easily if we want.

A cracking product and now we have done our "test run" with a WilliamsWarn extract kit we are looking to put down an all-grain brew using the system.