Stage one of my BrewKeg50 setup is complete. I made the "Classic Three C's APA" from your Advanced Recipes and it's bloody fantastic!

I have also installed a WW Bottler and tap.

It looks fantastic too so I'm looking at getting a glass door fridge to show it off.

I was lucky enough to brew with the WW BrewMaster for 2 years when I was working at Stonewood, so I knew what to expect as an end result and of course it came out amazing.

This isn't as pretty as your BrewMaster but it's double the capacity, a fraction of the cost, has the same 7 day process time, the same beer quality, and the unlimited creativity part which is the bit I love.

All I have to do is take care of the temperature. Put it in an old fridge, no problem.

Cheers WW !