At the moment it sits on the porch where I mash. The temps has been rather cool so I have wheeled it into the house a few times to keep it at the 23'C temp. The stainless steel really grabs the outside ambient temps I've noticed. I love that option of wheels.

One thing I have noted you don't get those fermenting brew smells when in the house like normal fermenters. I gave up on in-house beer fermenting a long time ago because of such.

Here's my latest brew, a stout.

I'm seriously amazed how fast it clears when giving it a couple of blasts with your clarification agent. WOW. I never would have believe that much yeast comes out of suspension. My kegs are much cleaner now because of this.

Having a quick sample straight from the keg is great fun and the convenience of those wheels & CO2 attachments is fantastic. Really very happy with it thanks.