Wayne Clarke

Wayne Clarke

“I'm very happy with the Kegerator and BrewKeg 10 set up I purchased as a result of seeing them at the Big Boys Toys show. Kent at Harvey Norman was extremely helpful and great to deal with.

It arrived just in time for me to get started with a selection of your kits and show off to family that came to stay the weekend before Christmas. It got a bit of a hiding, with us emptying both kegs before they left. We found the quality of the beers (American Pale Ale and Bohemian Pilsner) to be really good. Since them I have made the Irish Red Ale, the Dutch Pilsner and Premium Lager and all were great.

The process of brewing the beers is not difficult and I found your instructional videos clear and easy to follow. To me the equipment is well designed, functional and simple to use.

The kits are excellent with all you need to make beer and seem to be a great starting point for the user to experiment with other recipes. I have tried adding different hops using your download of recipes.

The most rewarding aspect is being able to make your own beer without too much effort, cost, time and enjoy it cold on tap.

With that in mind I currently have one BrewKeg 10 with a craft beer I found and liked while in the States last year, however, I have a little way to go to get it close, the other which is still fermenting.