Being on a beer tasting panel is a tough job but someone has to do it. WilliamsWarn brewmaster Ian Williams ran an internationally respected independent tasting panel, tasting up to 1000 beers a year, before he established the Personal Brewery™. He also trained brewery taste panels around the world on how to taste beer. That background helped Ian and Anders as they developed the Personal Brewery™ and progressively refined the process and ingredients and technology to deliver beer that would beat famous beer brands in taste quality. In 2012, 1 year after launch, WilliamsWarn also won a Gold Medal at the Asia Beer Awards for a Pilsner brewed by a WilliamsWarn® brewer with his 3rd batch in his brewery. That success was due to the work on Blind Taste Testing in the development period before launch, as described below. You can read that story here. The bottom line is the beer being produced in the WilliamsWarn beats most well-known brands when lined up together in blind tastings and we can conclude that the beer exiting the beer tap is of a professional standard. Download the WilliamsWarn® Info Pack +

The Results

A general summary of the results for 3 of WilliamsWarn® beers scored in blind taste tests over several years prior to launch in April 2011 is shown graphically on the right. The results are averaged from approximately 126 tasters of which about 70% were men and 30% were women.

As can be seen in the graph, the WilliamsWarn beers (black) are at the top end of the scale, indicating that the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery™ produces beers that are as good as or better than the beers coming out of breweries that are each worth hundreds of millions of dollars. To see the details of which beers were used in the Blind Tasting, Download the WilliamsWarn® Info Pack + and go to page 15 in the Personal Brewing Without Compromise™ PDF.

In blind tastings, we have beaten the number 1 beers of New Zealand, Australia, USA, Japan, India, Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, and Germany.

The good scores are a reflection of our machine, our ingredients, our method and the freshness of the beer. The blind tasters are tasting the freshest beer in the world when they pick up a glass of our beer within the line-up.

So rest assured if you’re buying a WilliamsWarn, you are guaranteed to be making professional quality beer – first time and every time.


How we got there

In the photo on the right, you can see Ian’s day job back in 2004 before he started work on the Personal Brewery™. He ran the world’s best independent beer tasting panel at Alectia in Denmark for several years. That’s him in the foreground holding the beer to the light, assessing its clarity. Over six years he tasted thousands of beers under proper sensory assessment conditions. This helped him refine his own palate, learn what the best beers in the world should taste like, learn how to run a taste panel and learn how to train beer tasters.


Ian traveled around the world to train brewers how to taste beer

In the next photo on the right, you can see another part of his responsibilities in days gone by, which was to travel around the world and train brewers how to taste beer. This particular trip was to Oregon, USA, taken before training brewing staff in beer tasting at a famous US brewery.

Ian has made over 100 brews and had many of them blind taste tested

Ian’s experience leading and training beer taste panels around the world has helped him refine the three launch beer styles, Summer Ale, Blonde Ale and English Pale Ale, to perform brilliantly in blind tastings.

Over the 4 years of the early development period, Ian made over 100 brews and had many of them blind taste tested using random tasters, The photo on the right shows a group of New Zealand men ranking WilliamsWarn® beers against famous beer brands in the garage where Anders and Ian developed the first prototype breweries. The beer style range is easily expanded upon but the lighter tasting beers needed to be top quality, as they’re the hardest to make.

Ian receiving two gold medals and the trophy for Best Packaged Lager Beer in the World

But it’s not only his tasting experience that helped him achieve the awesome blind tasting results you see in the graph of blind tasting results above or the Asia Beer Awards win. Before running the taste panel in Denmark he was the brewer in a new brewery in China for 4 years. One year after getting this new brewery up and running, he set his sights on winning what is called the Oscars of beer competitions – The Brewing Industry International Awards (BIIA). The judges are 36 brewmasters from around the world and the award ceremony is held in The Guild Hall in London every two years. He made a six months plan focussed on sending the best beer he could and was rewarded with his efforts in 1998 by winning the top prize, The World’s Best Packaged Lager. His beer beat 188 other international brands and the two gold medals and the top trophy they received are shown in the photo to the right.

So the practical brewing knowledge of what goes into making the best beer in the world, has also helped Ian refine the machine, ingredients and process, and achieve the phenomenal blind tasting results shown in Graph 1 above.

And anybody owning a WilliamsWarn® will be able to do the same.


Gold Medal at the Asia Beer Awards 2012

In June 2012, a homebrewer in New Zealand made brewing history by beating 45 of the world’s best breweries to take out the Gold Medal for Pilsner at the Asian beer Awards in Singapore. He did this with his 3rd brew in a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. This was possible due to all the blind tasting work conducted by Ian in the early years before launch. You can read more about this historic win in this website win here. And then in 2013 Nick Koppers won Silver at the same awards with a hoppy pale ale.